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Web 3 Gamer: An Analysis of Blockchain Games' Performance in Q3, Unioverse & Immutable, and the Introduction of Upland Token on ETH

Web 3 Gamer: An Analysis of Blockchain Games’ Performance in Q3, Unioverse & Immutable, and the Introduction of Upland Token on ETH

Veteran developers and storytellers from popular franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Fortnite have joined forces with Immutable, a Web3 gaming ecosystem, to create a new studio called Random Games. The collaboration revolves around Unioverse, a Web3 sci-fi franchise that spans various mediums. Random Games plans to build a platform that offers high-quality assets for game creation without royalty fees, allowing the Unioverse community to create their own stories, games, and content using official assets. Users will be able to monetize their creations by selling merchandise and keep all the profits.

Immutable will provide the blockchain platform, tools, and services for Random Games, including its zkEVM for scaling and Immutable passport for digital IDs. This allows the Random Games team to focus on creating a great game without having to become blockchain experts.

Unioverse features Hero NFTs, which are high-quality 3D digital items that players can own in the digital world. The game has already released its first Hero NFTs and a six-part comic book series. Random Games previously raised $7.6 million in seed funding.

In another collaboration, Tyranno Studios, led by gaming industry veteran Michael Rubinelli, is launching a player-versus-player blockchain card game called Brawlers on the Epic Games Store. The game was designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Releasing a blockchain game on the Epic Games Store is a significant milestone, as it provides access to a massive audience of over 230 million users.

Blockchain gaming investments have reached $2.3 billion in 2023, with $600 million invested in the third quarter alone. Despite the bear market, this shows that many people believe in the potential of blockchain games. Web2 gaming giants like Zynga are also making strides into the Web3 realm, with successful introductions of blockchain games.

Upland, a metaverse platform, will enable trading of its in-game utility token, Spark, on Ethereum. This move towards decentralization was approved by the Upland community in a recent vote. The Sparklet token will be mirrored on Ethereum and the EOS blockchain to ensure a balanced ownership structure.

Guild of Guardians, a mobile rogue-lite squad RPG developed by Mineloader and published by Immutable, held a demo event for testing. The game features dungeon battles, crafting loops, quests, and level-up options. While the demo showed decent graphics and sound effects, the challenge for Guild of Guardians will be to differentiate itself in the crowded squad-based PvP gaming market.

Overall, the Web3 gaming space continues to grow, with new collaborations, investments, and game launches.

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