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USDR stablecoin decouples from $1, drops to $0.53, yet team commits to offering remedies

USDR stablecoin decouples from $1, drops to $0.53, yet team commits to offering remedies

In the twisted realm of real estate-backed stablecoins, chaos reigns supreme. The once mighty USDR has fallen from grace, plummeting to a mere $0.53 per coin. But fear not, for the project team claims it’s just a liquidity issue. They assure us that the sacred trinity of real estate holdings, digital assets, and sheer determination will be used to support redemptions.

But let us delve deeper into this sordid tale. It seems that USDR, backed by a concoction of cryptocurrencies and real estate, has lost its peg to the almighty US dollar. A rush of redemptions has caused a draining of liquid assets, such as the enigmatic Dai, from its treasury. The Tangible protocol, a decentralized finance project seeking to tokenize housing and other tangible assets, is the mastermind behind this unstable stablecoin.

The drama unfolded on the Pearl decentralized exchange (DEX), which operates on Polygon. Panic ensued as USDR experienced a flood of selling, driving its price to a pitiful $0.5040 per coin. It managed to claw its way back to around $0.53, but the damage had been done.

Yet, amidst the chaos, the project’s developers remain defiant. They promise “solutions” to this liquidity issue, claiming that the real estate and digital assets backing USDR still exist and will be used for redemptions. Despite losing nearly half its value, they boldly declare that their assets are worth more than the entire market cap of the coin.

But let us not forget the collateral that supports this unstable stablecoin. A mere 14.74% consists of Tangible tokens, while the remaining 85.26% is supposedly backed by real-world housing and an “insurance fund.” Whether these claims hold true remains to be seen.

In the realm of stablecoins, maintaining a peg to the US dollar is no easy feat. Under extreme market conditions, even the mightiest stablecoins can falter. Circle’s USD Coin and Terra’s UST have both experienced the loss of their pegs in the past, only to rise from the ashes or languish in obscurity.

So, dear readers, we find ourselves in a world where real estate-backed stablecoins teeter on the edge of madness. The USDR saga serves as a cautionary tale of the perils that await those who dare to dabble in this treacherous realm.


– Real estate-backed stablecoin USDR loses its peg to the US dollar after a rush of redemptions drained liquid assets from its treasury.

– The project team claims it’s a liquidity issue and vows to use real estate holdings and digital assets to support redemptions.

– USDR experienced panic selling, driving its price to $0.53 per coin.

– Despite the loss in value, the project’s developers assert that their assets are worth more than the entire market cap of the coin.

– USDR is backed by a mix of cryptocurrencies, real-world housing, and an “insurance fund.”

– Stablecoins can lose their peg under extreme market conditions, as seen with Circle’s USD Coin and Terra’s UST.

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