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Toucan's CHAR: Introducing the First Liquid Market for Biochar Credits

Toucan’s CHAR: Introducing the First Liquid Market for Biochar Credits

Toucan's CHAR: Introducing the First Liquid Market for Biochar Credits

CHAR: The First Liquid Market for Biochar Credits, is Officially Up and Running!

In a world where the biochar credit market is projected to expand sixfold in the near future, the establishment of a robust infrastructure is paramount. By laying down this groundwork today, we are ensuring sustainable growth for tomorrow. CHAR serves as an open infrastructure for the automated trading of biochar credits at a transparent market price – operational 24/7.

For Project Developers: CHAR has been designed to provide project developers with immediate access to liquidity, facilitating the expansion and financing of their ventures. Furthermore, projects will receive royalties each time their credits are bought or sold through CHAR, ensuring a continuous benefit post-initial sale.

For Buyers: Our aim was to offer buyers a transparent and efficient means of acquiring credits, streamlining the purchasing process. Additionally, our innovative standardized contracts enable buyers to enjoy the advantages of a liquid market while still being able to select specific biochar projects for purchase.

For the Climate: Biochar stands out as one of the most accessible forms of long-lasting carbon removal available today. Investments in carbon removal technologies are imperative, as highlighted by the various pathways identified by the IPCC to achieve a 1.5-degree Celsius target. Each project featured on CHAR has been verified by and further scrutinized by our team, with all reports readily accessible through our app.

To delve deeper into the intricacies of CHAR’s launch, explore our comprehensive post: “Biochar Credits Buy & Sell | Liquid Market | CHAR.”

Discover ToucanEla’s latest initiative – the carbon pool – an infrastructure tailored for the automated, on-demand trading of biochar carbon credits. Learn more about this groundbreaking development today!

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