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Tomorrowland's NFT Collector: Acquiring Creative AI Art for Tomorrow's Future

Tomorrowland’s NFT Collector: Acquiring Creative AI Art for Tomorrow’s Future

Greg Oakford, co-founder of NFT Fest Australia, offers a unique perspective on the world of NFTs as both a collector and fan. He has been involved in the AI art scene for many years, starting with his creation of a robot that paints with a brush on canvas. Despite initial skepticism, he has successfully integrated AI into his artistic process and believes that AI can be a tool used by artists to create art. He also advocates for the freedom to transact and supports the idea of royalties for artists. Notable sales of his AI art include “AI Imagined Portrait Painted by a Robot” and “The Cryptographer 10,101.” Oakford’s goal is for people to experience his art without realizing it was created by a robot, adding an intriguing narrative to the work. He draws inspiration from various influencers in the art world and finds joy in knowing that his art is collected by individuals who appreciate it for its intrinsic value rather than for social media clout. Oakford’s favorite NFT in his wallet is his CryptoPunk, and he listens to EDM music while creating art. In the broader NFT art market, the Winds of Yawanawa collection and works by artists like Sam Spratt and Dmitri Cherniak have seen significant sales. The iconic Chromie Squiggles collection is nearly sold out, with only two remaining. Tomorrowland, an EDM festival, has generated over $2 million in NFT sales on Solana.

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