• Market Cap: $2,525,757,360,422.89
  • 24h Vol: $71,756,938,760.27
  • BTC Dominance: 50.92%
The Remarkable Journey of Polygon's Sandeep Nailwal: From Slumdog to Billionaire

The Remarkable Journey of Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal: From Slumdog to Billionaire

From growing up in a poverty-stricken area in Delhi to becoming the founder of the $6-billion Polygon blockchain, Sandeep Nailwal has an inspiring rags-to-riches story. Born in a farming village with no electricity, Nailwal’s parents moved to Delhi when he was four years old. They settled in a poor neighborhood on the east bank of the Yamuna river, similar to the Bronx in New York. Nailwal didn’t attend school until he was five because his parents were unaware of the importance of education. Despite facing financial struggles and traumatic experiences, Nailwal’s determination to succeed was fueled by his desire to be a better man than his own father. He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager, selling pens and tutoring students. After completing his education and working in various companies, Nailwal ventured into the blockchain space. He recognized the potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum and co-founded Matic Network (now Polygon) to address Ethereum’s scaling issues. The project faced numerous challenges, including financial difficulties and a failed fundraising attempt. However, Nailwal’s perseverance paid off when Matic Network successfully raised funds through an initial exchange offering on Binance Launchpad. The project rebranded as Polygon and experienced significant growth, surpassing Ethereum’s user numbers and transaction volume. Nailwal’s ultimate goal is to make Polygon have the same impact as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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