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Simp DAO Queen Irene Zhao Explains Why Creating Good Memes is More Challenging than Trading: X Hall of Flame

Simp DAO Queen Irene Zhao Explains Why Creating Good Memes is More Challenging than Trading: X Hall of Flame

Who is Irene Zhao?

Irene Zhao is a crypto influencer and the mastermind behind the SO-COL platform. She gained fame as the Simp-Queen and has a large following on Twitter, with over 194,300 followers. Zhao started her journey in the Web2 space as a social media influencer, but she wanted more control over her content and community. This led her to venture into the crypto world and become an advocate for NFTs.

How did she gain Twitter fame?

Zhao already had a significant following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, with around half a million followers across all platforms. She used her influence to introduce her followers to NFTs and became known for her entertaining and meme-filled content. Her unique approach and ability to create crypto memes have helped her gain a loyal following in the crypto community.

What content can people expect from her?

Zhao is not a fan of the serious tone often found in the crypto world. Instead, she focuses on creating entertaining and funny content, including memes and shitposting. She believes that making crypto memes requires a deep understanding of the market and audience, making it a rare talent to have. Zhao’s content is aimed at bringing joy and entertainment to the crypto community.

Did she have any notable feuds?

Zhao had a public beef with fellow crypto influencer Lady of Crypto in December 2021. The feud started when Zhao lightly teased Lady of Crypto for stating the obvious in one of her tweets. Lady of Crypto fired back with nasty comments about Zhao’s English skills. While the feud gained attention, Zhao found it amusing and focused on the fact that her post received around 4 million impressions.

What are her predictions for the future?

Zhao predicts that Bitcoin will reach the $100,000 mark and remains bullish on other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. She also believes that real-world assets (RWAs) will gain traction in the next year. Additionally, she sees potential for further growth in the NFT space, especially as more Web2 creators onboard to NFTs. Zhao believes there is still much room for social collectibles and expects NFTs for creators to become a real hype in the near future.

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