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OpenSea's Nightmare: Gothic VR Dreamscapes of NFT Collector Giant Swan

OpenSea’s Nightmare: Gothic VR Dreamscapes of NFT Collector Giant Swan

Giant Swan, an Australian-based VR painter and sculptor, went from crying in his car before work to becoming a successful digital artist. He was the first artist to put a 3D object on-chain and has gained recognition from collectors worldwide. Giant Swan’s art is known for its depth and immersive quality, often described as dreamlike. He creates his art using a virtual reality headset and explores endless possibilities of shapes, colors, and sizes. Giant Swan’s unique style combines elements of surrealism, gothic notes, and symbolism. Some notable collectors of his work include j1mmy.eth, Whale Shark, and Moderats Art. In the NFT art market, notable recent sales include works by Tyler Hobbs and Snowfro. OpenSea’s decision to make creator royalties optional on secondary sales has sparked controversy in the NFT community. Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, have strongly opposed this decision and are speculated to launch their own marketplace in response. In a heartwarming initiative, 13-year-old Lilpurpberry has collaborated with Blueberry DAO and Nouns DAO to support local children’s charities through the sale of NFT pixel art. The first recipient of funds was Variety children’s charity, specifically for their “Bikes for Kids” program.

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