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Matt Kane, NFT Creator: A Trailblazing Generative Artist Driven by Personal Tragedy

Matt Kane, NFT Creator: A Trailblazing Generative Artist Driven by Personal Tragedy

If there has ever been an artist perfectly suited for the digital renaissance of putting art on the blockchain, it would be Matt Kane. He started as a traditional artist but transitioned into digital art by writing his own software and pushing boundaries that were impossible in the physical art world.

Kane is best known for his collection “Gazers,” which launched in December 2021 and is considered an OG among generative artists. He recently released his collection “Anons,” which explores identity through art and immortalizes true anons from the past.

Kane spent a significant portion of his career as a software developer but always experimented with different artistic mediums, including physical canvas. However, he realized that digital art could remove many of the barriers he faced in the physical art world and better align with his vision for creating art.

He first heard about NFTs a week before CryptoPunks launched in 2017 and immediately saw the potential for selling digital artwork. However, it wasn’t until May 2019 that he minted his first NFT on SuperRare.

Kane’s journey to becoming a digital artist has been bittersweet, as he experienced personal tragedy when he lost a close friend to suicide. This event led him to reevaluate his life and ultimately pursue coding as a way to distract himself from his emotional pain.

Kane’s personal style is characterized by his impeccable use of color and his reflection of history and time in his artwork. He hopes that his art can mark time and resonate strongly with viewers.

His collection “Gazers” was inspired by the concept of the caveman days of NFTs and serves as a lunar calendar for the blockchain. Each piece in the collection has different rules and changes over time, reflecting the moon phases.

Despite being relatively new to the NFT space, Kane has already achieved notable sales, including one piece that sold for 320 ETH ($1.24 million) and another that sold for 110 ETH ($179,520).

Kane draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including Andy Kaufman, Mark Rothko, JOY, and Josie Bellini. He also recommends paying attention to artists like AwfulEye and Panter Xhita.

In his creative process, Kane listens to Italian disco and Giorgio Moroder.

Overall, Kane is deeply connected to the NFT community and values the interactions and relationships he has formed with collectors.

You can follow Matt Kane on Twitter (@MattKaneArtist), Instagram (@mattkaneartist), and visit his website (

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