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Key Takeaways from EthCC Week 2023

Key Takeaways from EthCC Week 2023

Blockchain Technology and Climate Change: Insights from EthCC Paris

During the week of the largest blockchain conference in Europe, EthCC Paris, global innovators gathered to discuss and educate on the potential of blockchain technology in addressing climate change. Dynamic discussions and workshops highlighted the commitment to building infrastructure that accelerates climate action. Thought leaders, including Hugh Salway from Gold Standard, shared their expertise and insights, emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology to combat the defining crisis of our time.

Context: The Urgency of Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing global issue with devastating effects. Recent extreme weather events, such as record-breaking temperatures, forest fires, and floods, have demonstrated the urgent need for action. The article highlights specific examples, including Afghanistan’s severe cold spell, Greece’s hottest July weekend in 50 years, and New Delhi’s unprecedented rainfall. It also mentions the significant impact of wildfires in Canada and hail storms in northern Italy.

The article emphasizes that immediate action is necessary to reduce carbon emissions and restore ecosystems to mitigate the worsening consequences of climate change. However, it also acknowledges the hope found in a growing community of climate tech entrepreneurs who are utilizing blockchain technology to address the crisis.

Insights from EthCC Paris

The article provides a summary of key discussions and events at EthCC Paris:

Panel Discussion: Regenerative assets in DeFi and beyond

Toucan CEO Raphael Haupt and Flowcarbon Co-Founder Phil Fogel engaged a large audience in a discussion on the role of regenerative assets in the Web3 environment. They explored emerging climate impact use cases and highlighted the potential of blockchain technology in addressing climate challenges.

Fireside Chat: ReFi – an external perspective

Hugh Salway from Gold Standard shared his perspective on tokenized carbon credits and discussed opportunities for leveraging blockchain technology to improve carbon markets. He emphasized the importance of fractionalized credits, forward financing, new incentive mechanisms, and expanding markets with individual end buyers.

Workshop: What to do with tokenized carbon credits

Lena Hierzi, Toucan’s Celo Developer Advocate, introduced the concept of tokenized carbon credits to Web3 builders during a workshop. The workshop explored opportunities to integrate climate action into transactions and create engaging decentralized applications focused on climate action.

Workshop & Discussion: The Language of ReFi

Toucan Co-Founder John Hoopes conducted workshops on effective communication about ReFi technology. The workshops aimed to provide individuals and organizations with a framework for clear messaging and aligning communication efforts to drive mass adoption.

Meetup: Climate x ReFi by Toucan

A meetup brought together international founders and developers interested in climate tech for an evening of inspiration, networking, and collaboration.

Panel: Reshaping the world with Web3

Isha Varshney (Celo Foundation), John X (Toucan Co-Founder), Sharfy Adamantine (GainForest), and Caitlin Moore (Filecoin Green) discussed the transformative power of Web3 in reshaping the world. They highlighted various use cases, including economic opportunities, micro-insurance activation through geo-satellite data, and climate sector impact. Data transparency, security, privacy, and directing climate finance to impactful projects were also emphasized.

About Toucan

Toucan is a technology company focused on unlocking climate action at scale. Their digital infrastructure aims to grow the voluntary carbon market (VCM) by bringing established and emerging environmental assets onto the blockchain. By increasing the flow of revenue to effective climate impact projects, Toucan is driving positive change in the fight against climate change.

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