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Introducing Optimism wallet: Receive cryptocurrency effortlessly with Twitter login

Introducing Optimism wallet: Receive cryptocurrency effortlessly with Twitter login

Beam wallet, developed by Eco, allows users to generate an address without storing seed words and can be saved using a Twitter login.

The wallet runs in a browser window and requires no downloads, making it easily accessible.

Users can send transactions on Optimism without owning Ether (ETH), the native coin of Optimism.

To create a Beam wallet, users navigate to the application’s website and generate a unique QR code representing an Optimism address.

Users can display their QR code or copy the address to send it through email or instant messaging applications.

To back up their wallet, users log into Twitter through the application’s API and create a new password.

The password serves as a backup shard for Web3Auth, ensuring that no hash of it is stored on a centralized server.

Beam wallet allows users to pay gas fees with the coin used in the transfer, eliminating the need for ETH.

The wallet broadcasts two separate transactions, one requested by the user and another as a pledge to pay a third-party “paymaster” account for gas fees.

Paymasters cannot take more fees than authorized by the user, as the fee amount is embedded in the transaction’s signature.

Beam will also be released for Coinbase’s Base network when it officially launches in August.

User balances on Base and Optimism will be added together and shown as one total within the Beam app.

Beam aims to simplify crypto wallets and make them accessible to ordinary people.

Other wallet apps, such as Kresus and Worldcoin, also aim to simplify crypto onboarding.

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