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Incorporate CHAR to unlock $250k in builder rewards

Incorporate CHAR to unlock $250k in builder rewards

Incorporate CHAR to unlock $250k in builder rewards

Exciting News: $250k in Grant Funding Available for Climate Action Apps!

In a world where climate action is seamlessly integrated into our daily applications, every interaction with a company or transaction made could contribute to combating climate change. This vision is not just a dream; it is a tangible reality that we are actively working towards. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are offering a total of $250k in grant funding to apps that integrate CHAR: the world’s first onchain carbon dioxide removal credit pool, which serves as a foundational element for planet-positive applications.

In addition to financial support, our team will provide selected builders with expert guidance in carbon markets and technical assistance to incorporate onchain carbon credits. We may also facilitate connections with key players in the ecosystem, such as the Cambridge Digital Assets Programme.

To expedite the funding process for founders, we have introduced a Retirement Incentive program. By taking action to retire onchain carbon through CHAR, builders can earn $100 for every biochar credit retired. This immediate access to funding eliminates the waiting period typically associated with grant applications and encourages innovative projects that prioritize carbon reduction.

We are also seeking builders to develop novel applications in areas such as gamified climate action campaigns, leveraging DePIN in environmental monitoring, creating tools for easy climate action integration in Web3, and developing new financial products to drive demand for carbon credits.

Digital assets present a unique opportunity to scale up climate action and make sustainable solutions accessible to a wider audience. By integrating environmental stewardship into everyday transactions and investments, we can collectively work towards a greener future.

If you are interested in getting involved, follow us on Twitter for updates on the application process or apply directly for a builder grant. Builders on Base can also join our Base x Toucan Telegram group for further information. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future through innovative climate action applications.

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