• Market Cap: $2,513,623,013,782.82
  • 24h Vol: $71,509,304,594.93
  • BTC Dominance: 50.89%
How quickly can we expect the mass adoption of crypto?

How quickly can we expect the mass adoption of crypto?

The latest Cointelegraph Report analyzes the current growth rate of global cryptocurrency usage and attempts to predict when crypto will achieve mass adoption. The adoption of cryptocurrencies follows a bell curve, starting with innovators and progressing to early adopters, the early and late majority, and finally the laggards. While Bitcoin’s adoption has significantly increased since its launch 14 years ago, global adoption rates for crypto still remain in the single digits, indicating that it is in the early majority phase. To achieve mass adoption, crypto needs to overcome the “chasm” between early adopters and the early majority. This may require certain catalysts. To learn more about these catalysts and how close crypto is to mass adoption, watch the latest Cointelegraph Report on YouTube.

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