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How diewiththemostlikes became a SuperRare NFT Creator with DMT and a Hellboy outfit

How diewiththemostlikes became a SuperRare NFT Creator with DMT and a Hellboy outfit

Mark Wilson, also known as diewiththemostlikes, is an artist with a unique and grotesque style. His art is both thought-provoking and hilarious, often ridiculing the NFT space. Wilson is also an author and has a passion for visual art and writing. He entered the NFT market after being invited to mint his first piece on Foundation. Despite his initial lack of knowledge about the space, Wilson’s consistency and persistence have helped him gain attention and praise from other artists. He still finds it hard to believe his success and feels honored to be part of a movement with other talented artists. The name diewiththemostlikes is a playful jab at our transactional existence on social media. Wilson finds inspiration in observing society and its quirks, often incorporating open or subliminal messages in his work. His art can be described as documentarian and grotesque, with a touch of humor. Wilson’s “good meat” series emerged as a satirical response to the repetitive “gm” posts on social media. He enjoys the way his art challenges the mundane exchanges we participate in daily. Notable sales of his artwork include “We saved our marriage,” “After the streetlights stopped grieving,” and “Precious moments.” Wilson’s influences include authors like Irvine Welsh, Haruki Murakami, Michel Houellebecq, and Hunter S. Thompson, as well as illustrator Ralph Steadman. He describes his personal style as relentless and unflinching, driven by an urgency to convey his message. Wilson recommends paying attention to artists like Xer0x, Alien Queen, and James Bloom. He also mentions SuperRare Zach as a notable collector who has been supportive of his work. Wilson’s favorite NFT in his wallet is a quantum portrait of himself by Pindar Van Arman. When creating art, he listens to doom metal and death metal bands like Bongripper, Gate Creeper, and Withered.

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