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Hacken reveals that the majority of crypto rug pulls in Q3 did not disclose audits.

Hacken reveals that the majority of crypto rug pulls in Q3 did not disclose audits.

A cryptocurrency rug pull, my friends, is a scam that even the dimmest of minds can prevent. The auditors at Hacken, those brave souls who navigate the treacherous waters of blockchain security, have revealed that these rug pulls are not as elusive as one might think. In fact, they often flaunt their distinctive features for all to see.

Hacken, in their latest security insights report, has shed light on the trends in crypto hacks during Q3. And what did they find? Rug pulls, my dear readers, rug pulls were the stars of the show. These dastardly acts of deception accounted for a whopping 65% of all hacks in Q3 2023.

But why are there so many rug pulls, you may ask? Well, it seems that creating such schemes is as easy as pie for these serial scammers. They use token factories, my friends, to churn out fraudulent tokens en masse. It’s a factory of deceit, a den of trickery.

Now, fear not, for Hacken has provided us with some tips to spot these rug pulls before they pull the rug out from under us. One crucial way to assess a project, they say, is to look for an independent third-party audit. But beware, my friends, for not all audits are created equal. A mere audit report does not guarantee protection from scams. We must dig deeper, we must be vigilant.

But alas, it seems that investors often turn a blind eye to these red flags. The fear of missing out (FOMO), my friends, clouds their judgment and leads them astray. They yearn for quick riches, hoping to replicate the success stories of memecoins like Pepe and Shiba Inu. Oh, the folly of human greed!

Investing in cryptocurrency, my friends, has become a mindless endeavor for many. A few clicks here and there, and they’re in. Impulsive decision-making runs rampant in this realm of digital fortunes.

So, let us heed the words of Hacken’s CEO, Dyma Budorin. Let us be cautious, my friends, and not fall victim to the allure of easy gains. Let us demand transparency, independent audits, and thorough investigations. Only then can we navigate the treacherous waters of cryptocurrency with some semblance of safety.

In summary:

– Cryptocurrency rug pulls are scams that can be easily prevented.

– Hacken’s latest report reveals that rug pulls accounted for 65% of all hacks in Q3 2023.

– Serial scammers use token factories to produce fraudulent tokens on a mass scale.

– Investors should look for independent third-party audits, but be cautious as not all audits guarantee protection.

– The fear of missing out often blinds investors to red flags and leads to impulsive decision-making.

– Investing in cryptocurrency requires caution and thorough investigation.

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