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GTA Owner Ventures into Web3 Gaming: Bitcoin Casino and Sunflower Land Review

GTA Owner Ventures into Web3 Gaming: Bitcoin Casino and Sunflower Land Review

Take-Two Interactive, the owner of popular video game franchise Grand Theft Auto, has entered the Web3 space through its mobile gaming arm, Zynga. Zynga has created a new studio called Zynga Web3 (ZW3) and announced its debut franchise, Sugartown. Sugartown is a cross-media world that will function as a Web3 gaming platform rather than a single title. While details about the franchise are limited, it has been confirmed that Sugartown will launch an NFT collection called Oras, which will be required to participate in upcoming games within the universe.

During a Web3 gaming panel at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2023, the lack of adoption of Web3 games compared to traditional games was discussed. Uluç Yuca, co-founder of Curator Studios, expressed his thoughts on the matter, highlighting that there are currently only 15 million Web3 gamers compared to 3 billion traditional gamers worldwide. He argued that the focus on features like third-party trading, ownership, and monetization models in Web3 games is not enough if the games themselves are not fun. Yuca emphasized the need for a game like Minecraft or Angry Birds that can attract a large audience to the Web3 space.

In the Bitcoin gaming space, a new gaming platform called New Bitcoin City has been launched. Built on the Bitcoin base layer and utilizing Trustless Computer (TC) and NOS, the platform offers basic casino games and allows users to contribute to a collaborative graffiti canvas. The focus of the platform is to make Bitcoin more generalized and usable for purposes beyond just being a currency.

Another Web3 farming game called Sunflower Land has been launched on the Polygon network. Players can plant seeds, harvest crops, and trade in-game resources as NFTs on OpenSea. The game features a skill tree that allows players to level up and increase their yields. Sunflower Land aims to become the “Roblox of Web3 gaming” by providing a multiplayer online world and tools for players to build their own games within the platform.

Overall, the Web3 gaming space is still in its early stages, with challenges in adoption and the need for more engaging and fun games. However, with the entry of established companies like Zynga and the exploration of new possibilities with Bitcoin and NFTs, the future of Web3 gaming holds promise.

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