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Gracy Chen: A Bitcoin ETF Enthusiast and Worldcoin Doubter

Gracy Chen: A Bitcoin ETF Enthusiast and Worldcoin Doubter

Gracy Chen, the managing director of global cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, has advised her followers and friends against scanning their eyeballs in exchange for Worldcoin tokens. She expresses concerns about privacy and is not optimistic about the price prospects of the tokens due to the expected influx in the near future. Chen also reveals that her American friends frequently ask her for favors related to opening an account, but she refuses these requests as Bitget no longer onboards U.S. customers. Before joining Bitget, Chen worked as an anchor and producer at Phoenix TV’s tech and finance channel. She co-founded a tax startup for freelancers in 2015, which became a unicorn company in just three years. One of her proudest achievements is having football legend Lionel Messi join the Bitget team as a partner. Chen explains that she discovered her love for Twitter after starting her crypto position and uses the platform to provide simplified explanations of breaking events for her followers. She notes that her Twitter following grows during periods of increased business activity for Bitget. Chen acknowledges that Twitter can be a noisy place but recommends taking breaks from social media to conduct fundamental research and engage with trustworthy friends. She predicts that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds will be approved, possibly in early 2024, and believes it could drive the next bull market. Regarding the SEC’s lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance, Chen suggests that Coinbase might settle with fines while Binance faces a more challenging situation. However, she believes Binance has a strong legal team to handle the fight.

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