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FBI: North Korean Group Executes $41M Stake Hack

FBI: North Korean Group Executes $41M Stake Hack

In a mind-bending twist of cybercrime, the FBI has unearthed the malevolent machinations of the Lazarus Group, a notorious gang of North Korean hackers. These digital desperados have been identified as the culprits behind the audacious heist of $41 million from crypto gambling site Stake. The FBI, after an exhaustive investigation, has pointed its accusatory finger at this nefarious organization, known for its insatiable appetite for ill-gotten gains.

Stake, a platform that tempts fate with its crypto gambling offerings, fell victim to a cyberattack that left its hot wallets drained and its coffers empty. However, the Stake team assures its users that only a fraction of their funds have been compromised, and they need not fear the repercussions of this brazen breach.

The FBI, in its official statement, has revealed that the Lazarus Group is no stranger to the world of cybercrime. This shadowy collective, believed to be affiliated with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has left a trail of digital destruction in its wake. The agency has identified the addresses where the stolen funds now reside, urging caution and vigilance in all crypto transactions.

But the Lazarus Group’s rap sheet doesn’t end there. The FBI has also implicated them in the Alphapo, CoinsPaid, and Atomic Wallet hacks, which have collectively resulted in losses exceeding a staggering $200 million. Alphapo, a payment processor, suffered suspicious withdrawals amounting to over $65 million. CoinsPaid, another payments firm, fell victim to social engineering tactics that cost them over $37 million. And Atomic Wallet users were left reeling from an unknown exploit that drained a jaw-dropping $100 million from their digital wallets.

In this dark and treacherous landscape of cybercrime, it is imperative for all crypto protocols and businesses to heed the FBI’s warning. The addresses associated with these heinous acts must be scrutinized, and any transactions with them must be avoided at all costs. The Lazarus Group may be cunning and elusive, but with vigilance and a united front, we can thwart their insidious plans.


– The FBI has concluded that the $41 million hack of crypto gambling site Stake was orchestrated by the Lazarus Group, a North Korean cybercrime organization.

– Stake assures its users that only a small percentage of funds were compromised and that they will not be affected.

– The FBI has identified the addresses where the stolen funds are now held and advises caution in all crypto transactions.

– The Lazarus Group is also responsible for the Alphapo, CoinsPaid, and Atomic Wallet hacks, resulting in losses exceeding $200 million.

– All crypto protocols and businesses are urged to review the addresses associated with the hacks and avoid transacting with them.

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