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Ethereum Introduces New Testnet 'Holešky' with 1.6B ETH Allocated for Developers

Ethereum Introduces New Testnet ‘Holešky’ with 1.6B ETH Allocated for Developers

In the wild and untamed world of Ethereum, a new testnet has emerged. They call it Holešky, a name that echoes through the digital realm like a battle cry. With a supply of 1.6 billion ETH at its launch, this testnet promises accessibility like no other. It aims to be a playground for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development, a place where the brave and the bold can push the boundaries of what is possible.

But let us not forget the old guard, for Sepolia still reigns supreme in the realm of application development. Holešky may be the new kid on the block, but Sepolia holds its ground, providing a fertile ground for the creation of Ethereum applications.

The birth of Holešky comes as a relief to many, as the Goerli testnet struggled with a meager supply of Goerli ETH. But fear not, for Holešky brings with it an initial supply of 1.6 billion HETH, ten times the amount found on the mainnet. This abundance will surely alleviate the testing needs of developers and pave the way for innovation.

As we journey through this ever-evolving Ethereum landscape, we must bid farewell to Goerli. Its time has come, and in January 2024, it shall be deprecated, left to fade into the annals of history. But fret not, for Holešky shall rise to take its place, providing a platform for the ambitious plans of Ethereum developers.

With proto-danksharding and danksharding on the horizon, fees shall be reduced, and running a node shall become more affordable. Verkle trees shall weave their magic, making the impossible possible. But before these dreams become reality, they must be tested on a grand stage. And that stage is none other than Holešky.

So let us raise our glasses to this new testnet, a beacon of hope in the Ethereum universe. Let us embrace the possibilities it brings and the challenges it presents. For in the world of Ethereum, innovation knows no bounds.


– Holešky, a new Ethereum testnet, has been launched for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development.

– It boasts an initial supply of 1.6 billion HETH, making it more accessible than the older Goerli network.

– Sepolia remains the dominant network for application development.

– Holešky aims to alleviate the low supply issue faced by Goerli and provide a platform for ambitious Ethereum plans.

– Goerli will be deprecated in January 2024, with Holešky taking its place.

– Features like proto-danksharding, danksharding, and Verkle trees will be trialed on Holešky before implementation on the mainnet.

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