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Develop on Toucan with Celo

Develop on Toucan with Celo

Develop on Toucan with Celo

Exciting News for Developers: B_WC Hackathon Season Officially Begins!

Attention all developers and those interested in building on open blockchains! We are thrilled to announce that the B_WC Hackathon season has officially started, and we are proud to be a top partner. B_WC is a four-month-long hackathon aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration within the Celo ecosystem.

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the B_WC Hackathon and introduce the first event, which focuses on building with tokenized carbon credits using the Toucan Protocol. We will also explore the developer resources available for participants, as well as the opportunity to secure a share of the $20,000 prize pool and continue building your climate-positive app.

What is Build With Celo (B_WC)?

B_WC is a virtual multi-month hackathon that invites developers from around the world to build ideas for the common good. Each month of the hackathon presents a new challenge, giving participants the chance to iterate and improve on their existing ideas or develop new ones.

The first series of events in B_WC focuses on using Toucan’s infrastructure to integrate real climate action into existing projects or build decentralized applications (dApps) that enhance the voluntary carbon market (VCM). This series runs from April 22nd to May 15th.

Sign up here to participate!


  • 1st Place: $5000 cUSD
  • 2nd Place: $3000 cUSD
  • 3rd Place: $2000 cUSD

Additionally, there is a pool prize of $10,000 cUSD for 10 projects, with each project receiving $1000 cUSD.

What Can You Build with Toucan?

The possibilities are endless! With Toucan, you can create solutions that facilitate the buying and selling of carbon credits, integrate automated retirements into your products, or even gamify climate action.

Why Tokenizing Carbon Credits Matters

Tokenized carbon credit registries on open blockchains are accessible to everyone. These registries allow anyone to independently retire credits, even in sub-tonne denominations. Retirements can be automated, and their data can be fetched from the Graph for stronger net-zero claims. By building something that takes advantage of the composability of tokenized carbon credits, you can demonstrate to the public why they should be on public blockchains.

We believe that everyone should contribute to climate action. By providing tools that enable companies to participate in climate finance, we unlock important resources that incentivize positive impact.

Developer Resources

Here are some resources to help you get started:

  • Learn how to easily retire carbon credits by watching this video and following this tutorial.
  • Explore Toucan’s documentation: Toucans docs
  • Access Toucan’s Software Development Kit (SDK): Toucans SDK
  • Stay updated with Toucan’s blog: Toucans blog
  • If you have any questions, join Toucan’s Discord community and ask in the #dev-channel.

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