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Company led by co-creator of Farmville secures $33M funding to develop Web3 games

Company led by co-creator of Farmville secures $33M funding to develop Web3 games

Proof of Play, a company led by the illustrious Amitt Mahajan, co-creator of the Farmville phenomenon, has just secured a staggering $33 million in funding. Their mission? To revolutionize the world of gaming with fully on-chain games that promise to immerse players in a whirlwind of fun and excitement.

This audacious endeavor has attracted the attention and support of some heavy hitters in the industry. Notably, Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear has joined the board, adding his expertise to the mix. And let’s not forget the co-leaders of this funding round, Chris Dixon from Andreessen Horowitz and Neil Mehta from Greenoaks, who clearly see the potential in Proof of Play’s vision.

But they’re not alone in their enthusiasm. Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, and the founders of Twitch have all jumped on board, recognizing the game-changing potential of this venture. And it doesn’t stop there. Web3 firms like Anchorage Digital, Mercury, Firebase, Zynga, and Alchemy have also thrown their weight behind Proof of Play, cementing their belief in the company’s ability to disrupt the gaming industry.

Proof of Play has wasted no time in putting their ideas into action. They released a closed beta of their first game, Pirate Nation, in December 2022. This Web3 game promises to overcome the common obstacles that players face when trying to navigate the blockchain gaming landscape. With their innovative technological and product advancements, Proof of Play aims to immerse players in thrilling gameplay without the need for extensive blockchain knowledge.

But it doesn’t end there. Proof of Play is committed to decentralization, a core principle of the Web3 movement. Pirate Nation is a “Forever Game” that can operate without external servers or intervention from its creators. And in a move that demonstrates their dedication to open collaboration, Proof of Play plans to open-source its technology framework in the future, further decentralizing their operations.

With a team boasting members from gaming giants like Epic Games, Zynga, EA, Activision, and Google, Proof of Play has assembled a dream team of talent. Their combined expertise and experience will undoubtedly propel them to new heights in the gaming industry.

In a year where multimillion-dollar funding rounds have become the norm for Web3 companies, Proof of Play’s $33 million raise stands out. It’s clear that the world is ready for a revolution in gaming, and Proof of Play is leading the charge.


– Proof of Play, led by Farmville co-creator Amitt Mahajan, has raised $33 million to create fully on-chain games.

– The funding was co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and Greenoaks, with participation from industry heavyweights like Twitch founders and Web3 firms.

– Proof of Play released a closed beta of its first game, Pirate Nation, in December 2022.

– The company aims to overcome common obstacles in Web3 gaming and is committed to decentralization.

– The team includes members from Epic Games, Zynga, EA, Activision, and Google.

– Proof of Play’s funding round highlights the growing trend of multimillion-dollar investments in Web3 companies.

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