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Accusations of Manipulation Emerge Between Bitget and Floki Teams Following Token Listing

Accusations of Manipulation Emerge Between Bitget and Floki Teams Following Token Listing

Reaction (in the style of Hunter S. Thompson):

The teams behind Floki and Bitget are engaged in a vicious blame game, accusing each other of misleading investors and engaging in market manipulation. It’s a wild and chaotic scene, reminiscent of a drug-fueled frenzy in the depths of the night. The air is thick with accusations and the stench of betrayal. In this twisted dance of greed and deception, it’s hard to tell who is the hero and who is the villain. But one thing is clear: the stakes are high, and the consequences are dire.


– The teams behind Floki and Bitget are accusing each other of market manipulation and misleading investors.

– Floki claims that Bitget listed their token, TokenFi, before it was launched, calling it a “fake token.”

– Bitget alleges that the Floki team engaged in market manipulation by controlling the initial liquidity.

– Floki submitted a proposal to launch a staking program with a reward token, but did not disclose the name or purpose of the token in the proposal.

– Floki claims that they informed centralized exchanges not to list the token until seven days after its launch, but Bitget violated this agreement.

– TokenFi was listed on Bitget before it was available for sale, causing issues with withdrawals.

– Bitget offered to buy back all TOKEN sold to customers at its peak price before delisting, covering any losses that may have occurred.

– The Floki team disputes Bitget’s claim of providing only $2,000 worth of initial liquidity, stating they had nearly $2 million in liquidity in each of the two TOKEN pools.

– The situation mirrors other token-launch failures resulting in significant losses for investors.

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